tisdag 12 maj 2015

Fallkniven H1

The H1 (hunting) knife was the fourth knife to be introduced by Fallkniven.
It has influences from the sami knives in that it has no finger guard, and yes, i have cut my index finger on it.

H1 VG10

The first 500 was numbered "opposite" the logo. The handle was also "softer" than the F1.

There was also a small series of it with curly birch / reindeer antler handles.

H1 Special picture wanted :)

H1 Laminated VG10.
The early ones had the "softer" handle and the current ones has the same as the F1.
You can see the difference since the older looks less "reflective" (see above picture).

H1 3G

The first knives came with a leather sheath that looks the same today.
The early ones had two plastic blocks to cover the blade.
Current versions has a plastic insert similar to the KK sheath.

There was also a kydex sheath available. I have only seen it once and it is now extinct.

kydex picture wanted :)

Today you can also get a zytel sheath like all the other knives.

You could also get a "bare" blade for the Lam VG10, but they are more or less extinct.

So far in the series:

Fallkniven F1
Fallkniven A1
Fallkniven S1

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