måndag 9 mars 2015

Fallkniven S1

This is part III of the Fallkniven knives

Rumour say that the S1 was initially developed as a knife for the Swedish Amphibious Corps, just like the F1 for the Airforce and the A1 for the Army. However the order never came and it was redesigned as a "Skogskniv", forest knife in Swedish.

There are some variations of this knife as well, but not that many.

S1 Early VG10
 It was introduced early 1998 and came with either brown leather dangler sheath, kydex or cordura.

This sheath has a modified belt loop, normally it is leather as well.

S1 Late VG10
  This might be a konvex all VG10 model like the F1 from 2002.

 S1 Lam VG10
The current production model came in 2003. It initially came with the same sheath options as the older model, but nowadays it is either a black leather dangler or Zytel (like F1 and A1).

This version was also available as a bare blade, which can be found if you are lucky.


Bare blade

fredag 6 mars 2015

Fallkniven A1

This is part II of the Fallkniven knives.

A1 VG10

This is the second knife to come out of the Fallkniven factory. The first mention of it was in the Fallkniven Knife Catalogue no:7
It is all VG10 and there are two versions of the stamp. First "VG-10" and later on "VG10".
It initially came with the choice of a kydex sheath or a cordura sheath.

A1 Lam VG10

Today the A1 comes in laminated VG10, however it looks the same.
Now you can get the knife with a Zytel sheath or a leather sheath.
A note though. The leather sheath option comes in the box that usually contains the NL-series, and it is WHITE on the inside.

Lam A1

Lam A1 coated

This a zytel sheath for the F1, but the one for A1 looks the same except a bigger opening at the bottom instead of two holes.

Leather sheath


There are fakes of the A1 like the F1, and the signs are the same.
The inside of the box is WHITE, not brownish.
There is no bubble wrap inside, nor any paper cover on the blade.
The knife comes in a plastic bag in the sheath.
There are no lamination line.
The zytel sheath looks like a copy of the real one, however the strap has a finer grain.
The Fake A1 does not have a leather sheath option.
I have seen copies of the F1 and A1 with sand coloured handles and sheath on Amazon. The look like Fallkniven but not branded as such.

If you by any chance have a version that I have not pictured or mentioned, feel free to email a picture of it and a description etc.

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