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Fallkniven F1

I will do this post in English, but most of you will understand anyway.

Here are most of the Fallkniven F1 versions I have seen during my years of collecting.

"M6310-006010 Slidkniv 211MM"
The first model made in 1995. The only marking is a stamp on the blade.
There were 10000 made by Linder in Germany, all of them on a military contract.
It was first issued with a leather sheath that was later replaced with a plastic version.

F1 ATS 34
The first 15000 sold to the public. They all got serial number stamped on the spine like "Serial# XXXXX".
These were also made by Linder. Some 5000 were later bought by the Military and marked accordingly.
There were a prototype series of 500 with Titanium aluminium nitride (TiAlN) coating, but they were to expensive for mass production.

This knife came with either a closed leather sheath marked "F1 Sweden" or an open leather sheath

F1 VG10 Flat
In 1997 the production moved to Japan and Takefu Special Steel Co. The blade was now made in VG10.
Other changes to the knife was a protruding tang and a different rivet for the lanyard hole.
There are variations of this knife as well. It could now be bought shiny or with black Ceracoat. You could choose from open dangler, closed leather sheath or a kydex sheath.
There are a few handmade knives with micarta for the "millenium collection"

Now you could get the knife also with a kydex sheath. The early ones had holes on the side, but they did not fit the "TekLok" belt clip you could buy. Later kydex sheaths had the holes slightly different.

F1 VG10 Fenwick
This is a prototype for Fenwick with either grey teflon (black stamp) or golden teflon (golden stamp) coating. It came with a closed leather sheath with the Fenwick logo pressed on it.

F1 VG10 Konvex
This version was released in 2002 with a convex grind blade. The logo was also made smaller and moved up. It resembles the current version but the logo says "F1 Fällkniven VG10" and it lack a lamination line.
Some were engraved with the M-number but I have not seen any coated versions or nor do I know how many of these were made.

F1 Lam VG10
This is the current production model, from 2003. It comes in shiny or coated.
There were some handmade with green micarta and some with black micarta but they were discontinued years ago. There were some coated ones with M-numbers as well. There are two versions that I dont have, the F1 Maroon micarta and Ivory Micarta. Until recently you could get it as a bare blade as well. The difference was the logo and more metal in the handle part.

F1 Maroon Micarta

F1 Ivory Micarta

This is the first version with somewhat shiny plastic and marked "F1". Later versions look like they got some black paint and has the "Fallkniven" stamped instead.

In June 2010, the open leather sheath got some two centimeters longer and the text changed from "F1" to "Fallkniven". The bottom sheath is an older version with the belt loop cut off.

F1 3G Test Version
There were 110 of these made to test the 3G steel. They look almost like the usual ones but has "Test Series" under the logo.

F1 3G Production
In June 2009 the 3G model was released again. The first 10000 was numbered "# XXXX". Current versions are not numbered.

F1 3G Green Micarta
There are 1000 numbered made of these made as a 30 year anniversary special.
They are still available.

F1/ PRK Police Rescue Knife
First released to the public in March 2011. The order to Malmö SWAT and the 18 first sold to the public were shipped with the "F1" zytel sheath but the current ones have the "Fallkniven" zytel sheath. The PRK is unlike the F1 made in Laminated Cobalt steel (Lam CoS).
You can still buy it from the Fallkniven homepage, but hurry, they are getting extinct.
Picture shows a PRK compared to a coated F1 Lam VG10.

F1 FAKE Gen. I
Some years ago pirate copies of the F1 surfaces on the internet.
There are many ways to discover a fake.
The inside of the box is WHITE, not brownish.
There is no bubble wrap inside, nor any paper cover on the blade.
The leather sheath feels low quality and the inside is greyish, not leather looking.
The knife comes in a plastic bag in the sheath.
The lanyard hole is just a plain pipe.
The ricasso cutout is bad quality, it looks like a knife used some years.
There are no lamination line
Overall quality feels crap and the first generation feels in size like the "M6310-" knife.

The second generation is improved, the lanyard pipe is now aluminium.
The zytel sheath looks like a copy of the new Fallkniven model (with Fällkniven instead of F1) however the strap has a finer grain and it is riveted on top of the sheath, not on the backside.
The blade still looks the same as above.

If you by any chance have a version that I have not pictured or mentioned, feel free to email a picture of it and a description etc.

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  1. En mycket bra översikt för oss som är intresserade men inte specialister.

    Ser fram emot en kompletterande varnande genomgång av kopior, såväl i form av brandad designstöld som rena piratkopior. Man ser ju lite för många annonser på både Blocket och Tradera där säljaren påstår att han "fått två F1 men bara behöver en och därför säljer den ena ny i kartong". I de flesta fall uppenbara kopior.

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  3. Hi, I found a very interesting copy(or rather even more - including S1 in green and Tan colors xD) I can not understand one thing - is it a knife in the photo has a full convex?
    Hmm, interesting, how about new Fallkniven F1D? This knife has sold more than a year, but the news of the new fallkniven appeared only in late September. It seems to me I've found the source of their creativity xD